i LOVE you

   It began without Plans. And now the Plans dont finish.

It was the 19.06.2011 when i just wanted to write with somebody in Internet because i was bored. But i never expected. that my life would change, because of this meeting in internet. I saw your foto, and i thought...yes he looks good.nice eyes.

And now, i look at your foto,and think... i love this man like i never loved in my life. and with him i want to be happy till i die.

The 17.10.2010 i was nervous...crazy... and in love so much.Coming to meet you for the first time...and never expect..this will happen to me. To see your eyes...touch your face and then the first kiss in the car. wow...just thinking of it.and my heart begin to beat so fast...

The time with you was.like i know you since 10 years. All was perfect. and my world break...when i had to leave you. We always try to be strong when we have to say bye.but inside.i am always crying...

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